Intel Alder Lake-S Rumored to Feature “Hybrid Technology” with Big and Small Cores

According to latest rumors, upcoming Intel Alder Lake-S processors may feather with “Hybrid Technology”, this “Hybrid Technology” is known as CPU processor with big and small cores.

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Intel Core i9-10850K Leaked, 10 Cores & 20 Threads, Up To 5.20 GHz Clocks

Intel will soon announce a new 10th Gen Comet Lake-S desktop processor “Core i9-10850K”. This processor has already shown up at Geekbench website. According to leaks, Core i9-10850K will have same 10 cores & 20 threads as recently released Core i9-10900K.

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Rumors: Intel Core i9-10900KS Coming this Autumn to Compete with Upcoming AMD Ryzen 9 4900X/4950X

As already rumored before, AMD will release their upcoming Ryzen 4000 series “Vermeer” desktop CPUs in this Autumn. So what about Intel ? Since Intel’s 11th Gen CPUs are expected to be released in early 2021, so Intel may release the Core i9-10900KS to replace current i9-10900K,  Features 5.2 GHz turbo frequency on all 10 cores. Intel Core i9-10900KS is set to compete with upcoming Ryzen 9 4900X or Ryzen 9 4950X.

Intel Rocket Lake-S with 8-cores and 16-threads Leaked at Geekbench

According to latest leaks by Twitter user APISAK, a new Intel Rocket Lake-S processor with 8-cores and 16-threads now shows up at Geekbench website. The Intel Rocket Lake-S desktop architecture designed for the LGA1200 socket, which means you can still use current Z490 motherboards. Intel Rocket Lake processors is set to be released in late 2020.

Confirmed: Intel Alder Lake-S to Require LGA 1700 Socket

The upcoming Intel 12th Gen Core processor is also known as Intel Alder Lake-S, according to twitter user momomo_us, Intel itself has confirmed in their development resource website that Alder Lake-S will require LGA 1700 socket.

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Intel Teases Tiger Lake Mobile Processor, Official Announcement Coming Soon ?

Intel has just sent Tiger Lake promotional kits to reviewers these days. Legit Reviews was likely the first person to get one of these. These means Intel may soon launch Tiger Lake mobile processors in this Summer. Tiger Lake processors are Intel’s 11th Gen core series.

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Rumors: Intel will not Release 11th Gen Core-X and Core-S Series CPUs in 2020

Intel has just released the 10th Gen Core-S series CPUs in May, now according to latest leaked roadmap from an Asian Intel Partner meeting, Intel may not release 11th Gen Core-X and Core-S series CPUs in 2020.

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Intel Rocket Lake S Spotted in 3DMark Database: 8 Cores and 16 Threads

The Intel Rocket Lake S is Intel’s 11th gen Core processor. Rocker Lake S now already leaked in 3DMark database. According to the leak, the processor has 8 cores and 16 threads, which means this could be a high-end model from Rocket Lake S series.

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