Rumors: Intel Core i9-12900K “Alder Lake-S” Qualification Sample Boost Clock at 5.3 GHz

According to a Chinese forum NGA, a qualification sample of the flagship Alder Lake-S CPU Core i9-12900K featuring 8 big (high-performance) and 8 small (high-efficiency) features a base clock of 3.9 GHz and a boost clock of 5.3 GHz.

NGA also covers possible configurations of the 12th Gen Core series CPUs, including 12700K with 8C+4c configuration and 12600K with 6C+4c specs. He continues to provide benchmark results from Cinebench R20:

  • Core i9-12900K (ES2): 9300+
  • Core i9-12900K (QS calculated): 11300+
  • Core i7-12700K: 9500+
  • Core i5-12600K: 7400+

According to the Cinebench R20 result, it seems i9-12900K would outperform AMD’s 16-core Ryzen 9 5950X processor which scores around 10400 points.

Intel 12th Gen Core desktop series codenamed Alder Lake-S are now set to launch in the fourth quarter, with a possible announcement already in the third. These are Intel’s first mainstream processors based on 10nm Enhanced SuperFin node and the first to support DDR5 memory, although the architecture will be compatible with DDR4 standard as well. Next-gen motherboards will also support the PCIe Gen5 standard, which means that Intel will be skipping from PCIe Gen3 to Gen5 in less than a year.

via: VideoCardZ