Rumors: AMD X670 Coming in Q2 2022, Intel Z790 Coming in Q3 2022

The upcoming Intel Z690 platform will launch already in the fourth quarter of this year, along with upcoming Intel Alder Lake S 12th gen processors. According to latest rumors, upcoming Intel B660 and H610 for Alder Lake will coming in Q1 2022, while AMD’s X670 AM5 is expected in Q2 2022, and Intel’s Z790 for Raptor Lake is expected in Q3 2022.

Rumored roadmap

Rumored Motherboard Launch Schuedle
Q4 2021 Q1 2022 Q2 2022 Q3 2022
12th Gen Core Series
Intel Alder Lake
Intel Z690
Alder Lake
Intel B660 & H510
Alder Lake
13th Gen Core Series
Intel Raptor Lake
Intel Z790
Raptor Lake
Ryzen 7000
AMD Raphael
AMD X670

via: VideoCardZ