Intel Leaked Out 600-series Chipsets for Alder Lake CPUs

Intel Chipset driver “10.1.18836.8283” lists a full range of 600-series motherboards. This includes the Z690 high-end chipset for the flagship Alder Lake-S series, the W680 chipset supposedly for Alder Lake Xeons, and X699 HEDT, which implies a higher core count CPUs are also coming.

The upcoming 600 series motherboards will span across a very wide spectrum of platforms, including high-end desktops all the way down to mainstream series.

The full lineup that has leaked through the driver features:

  • X699 (HEDT Enthusiast)
  • Z690 (Mainstream Enthusiast)
  • W685 (Workstation Enthusiast)
  • W680 (Workstation Mainstream)
  • Q670 (Business / Enterprise)
  • Q670E (Business / Enterprise Laptop)
  • R680E (R-Embedded Laptop)
  • H670 (Mainstream Budget)
  • B660 (Mainstream Budget)
  • H610 (Mainstream Entry)
  • H610E (Mainstream Entry Laptop)