Intel Launched Two New Comet Lake-H Processors: Core i7-10870H and Core i5-10200H

Intel has silently added two SKUs to the Comet Lake-H lineup: Intel Core i7-10870H and Intel Core i5-10200H. A fourth 8-core high-end processor has been launched according to Intel’s own website.

The high-end Intel Core i7-10875H is in short supply, so Intel launched the i7-10870H. This is similar as desktop Comet Lake-S processors i9-10900K and i9-10850K.

Compared to the 10875H, the 10870H offers a 100 MHz lower base clock. And Intel also launched a new quad-core CPU, which is the slowest processor in the ‘H mobile Series’ – the Core i5-10200H. This CPU has a 100 MHz lower base clock than 10300H and a 400 MHz lower turbo clock.