Intel Core i5-11400 CPU is 34% Faster than i5-10400 in Single-core Benchmark

The upcoming Intel Core i5-11400 Rocket Lake-S CPU is tested at Geekbench benchmark. According to the score, Intel Core i5-11400 is about 34% faster than its predecessor i5-10400 in singe-core benchmark. i5-11400 offers 6-cores will 12-threads, which is the same configuration as Comet Lake i5-10400.

The Core i5-10400 has a price tag of 182 USD. The Rocket Lake-S CPU is expected to feature a similar price. With a single-core score of 1490 points, the CPU is 34% faster than Core i5-10400 from the current generation. A multi-core score of 6576 points means that the CPU has a 16% performance increase over its predecessor. While compared AMD’s Ryzen 5 5600X, i5-11400 singe-core score is 100 points lower.

via: Geekbench