Intel Announced Design of Alder Lake, Sapphire Rapids, Meteor Lake and Granite Rapids CPUs

Intel today has officially announced the design of next gens CPUs. According to Intel, Intel 7 node will be used for Alder Lake consumer CPUs and Sapphire Rapids data center processors. Intel Alder Lake will start shipping this year, while Sapphire Rapids will enter production in the first quarter of 2022.

Intel 4 will be ready for production in the second half of 2022 and it will start shipping in 2023. Products based on this node include Meteor Lake for clients and Granite Rapids for data centers. This was disclosed by Dr. Ann Kelleher, SVP and GM at Technology Development at Intel.

The picture showing Meteor Lake shows GPU die with up to 192 Execution Units, which is a major upgrade from 96 EUs on existing processors. The Granite Rapids processors appear to be dual die, each with 60 squares. Intel has not disclosed the specs of the processors, but if each square represented a core, this would be a 120 core processor.