Intel Alder Lake-S Rumored to Feature “Hybrid Technology” with Big and Small Cores

According to latest rumors, upcoming Intel Alder Lake-S processors may feather with “Hybrid Technology”, this “Hybrid Technology” is known as CPU processor with big and small cores.

This “Hybrid Technology” was firstly introduced on Lakefield processors. These are ultra-low-power processors for compact devices such as Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Fold.

Hybrid Technology in Alder Lake-S would allow both types of cores to share the same instruction set and registers, but the availability of certain instructions would depend on which core is enabled. A screenshot shared by the user (likely from Intel’s internal documents) suggests that AVX-512, TSX-NI, and FP16 will all be disabled when Hybrid Technology is enabled (both Big and Small cores are enabled). The instructions will work only when the technology is disabled (Small cores are disabled).

While the Big/Small core architecture clearly makes sense for mobile devices (mainly to conserve power), it is yet unclear what is the intention of Hybrid Technology in desktops.

Intel Alder Lake-S processors are debut as the 12th Gen Core series in 2022. Intel will also launch a new socket for the series. The new 600-series motherboards would feature LGA1700 socket. Rumors suggest that Intel could support up to 3 generations on this platform, for example Intel Meteor Lake. The series is also expected to support DDR5 memory and PCIe 4.0.

via: VideoCardZ