Gigabyte Z690 Motherboards for Alder Lake-S CPUs now Listed at EEC

After ASUS Z690 motherboards, the upcoming Gigabyte/AORUS Z690 motherboards now also listed at EEC. From the leaks, Gigabyte is actually planning more DDR5-based motherboards than DDR4.

Gigabyte will be rolling out its AORUS XTREME series, including a version with a monoblock, exclusively with DDR5 memory. Models such as Master or Tachyon (for extreme overclocking) will also be DDR5 exclusive. However, AORUS Elite, Pro, and Ultra will all be available with a DDR4 interface. There is also a new model called Aorus Elite Stealth, which might borrow the stealthy, full-black design from the MSI Unifi-X series.

via: EEC #1#2, VideoCardZ