First Leaked Image of Intel Z690 Chipset for Alder Lake Motherboards

According to a member from Chiphell, first leaked image of upcoming Intel Z690 chipset now available online.

The Z690 chipset will support 36 PCIe lanes, including 20 PCIe Gen4 and 16 PCIe Gen8. This is on top of the 16 PCIe Gen5 and 4 PCIe Gen4 lanes already supported by the Alder Lake CPU.

As already rumored before, the Z690 motherboards will be launched on November 19th, along with 12th Gen Core Intel Alder Lake CPUs. The Z690 will introduce communication with the LGA1700 CPUs through Direct Media Interface 4.0 with 8 lanes (an upgrade from PCIe Gen3 to Gen4). The chipset will allow up to 6 SATA devices to be attached simultaneously and up to 40 USB devices with four different standards.