First Image of Intel LGA 1700 Socket for Alder Lake & Raptor Lake CPUs

According to a Bilibili User, first image of Intel LGA 1700 socket has been leaked online. Intel’s LGA 1700 socket is designed for Alder Lake and Raptor Lake CPUs.

The LGA 1700 socket would be used by Intel Alder Lake (12th Gen Core) CPUs as well as its successor which is Raptor Lake (13th Gen Core). The socket is marked as LGA-17XX/LGA-18XX, which further suggests that it may already have more than 100 unused pins for next-gen LGA CPUs with more than 1800 contact pads. Whether this is intended for a consumer or workstation CPU, we don’t know yet.

Intel LGA 1700 Socket details
IHS to MB Height (Z-Stack, validated range): 6.529 – 7,532 mm
Thermal Solution Hole Pattern: 78 x 78 mm
Socket Seating Plane Height: 2.7 mm
Maximum Thermal Solution Center of Gravity Height from IHS: 25.4 mm
Static Total Compressive Minimum: 534N (120 lbf), Beginning of Life 356 N (80 lbf)
End of life maximum: 1068 N (240 lbf)
Socket Loading: 80-240 lbf
Dynamic Compressive Maximum: 489.5 N (110 lbf)
Maximum Thermal Solution Mass: 950 gm
Important Note: A Keep In Zone is introduced for LGA17xx-18xx thermal solutions. Two volumes are provided.
The Asymmetric volume provides the maximum available design space. The Symmetric volume
provides for designs to be rotatable on the board. The thermal solution under load should fit within the volume

via: VideoCardZ

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