Confirmed: Intel Alder Lake-S to Require LGA 1700 Socket

The upcoming Intel 12th Gen Core processor is also known as Intel Alder Lake-S, according to twitter user momomo_us, Intel itself has confirmed in their development resource website that Alder Lake-S will require LGA 1700 socket.

What we know so far about Intel Alder Lake-S

  • Alder Lake-S is a successor to Rocket Lake-S.
  • It is now configured to support a new socket (LGA 1700).
  • Alder Lake-S is expected to feature big core / small core architecture (similar to ARM’s BigLITTE)
  • The series is rumored to feature Golden Cove/Gracemont cores.
  • The platform will be Intel’s first to support DDR5 memory for desktops.

The Intel Alder Lake-S processor is expected coming in 2021, after the Rocket Lake-S processor in late 2020 to early 2021.