Confirmed: AMD AM5 Platform for “Raphael” with PCIe Gen4, Dual Channel DDR5 Memory

According to TechPowerUP, the upcoming AMD AM5 Zen 4 platform for “Raphael” will support PCIe Gen4 and dual channel DDR5 memory. While Intel announced yesterday that Alder Lake will support PCIe Gen5. AMD’s Raphael Ryzen 7000 series CPUs which are now expected in 2022.

The AMD AM5 chipset is to offer 16+4+4 PCIe Gen4 lanes, ensuring that high-end graphics, high-speed NVMe drive, and USB4 devices can be connected simultaneously. Additionally, the 600-series AM5 chipset is to offer 4 lanes.

AMD AM5 CPUs are to support dual-channel DDR5 memory. This particular diagram does not state the maximum speed of the supported memory. AMD AM5 platform will support DisplayPort 2.0, which is attached to additional 4 PCIe Gen4 lanes through a USB version 4 controller.