ASRock & NZXT Intel Z690, H670, B660 and H610 Motherboards Listed Online

The first 600-series motherboards by ASRock and NZXT now already leaked online. These motherboards are for the upcoming 12th Generation Intel Alder Lake-S desktop processors.

NZXT has only two high-end Z690 motherboards listed with them being the N5-Z69XT, and the N7-Z69XT.

ASRock has 36 listed across all the Z690, H670, B660, and H610 chipsets. The Z690 chipset will serve as the flagship platform for high-performance and overclocking while the H670 and B660 will take the mid-range and the H610 for entry-level boards. The list does not contain any Taichi, Aqua, or OC Formula series boards from ASRock as those may not be ready for day-one release or are still under active development.

ASRock will offer several of their motherboards in two variants with one offering integrated WiFi 6E networking, they also have an ITX option for each chipset. Intel is expected to announce their 12th Generation Core Series processors and Z690 chipset in late 2021 with the remaining chipsets to be announced at CES 2022. The entire list of motherboards from the two companies can be found below.


  • N7-Z69XT
  • N5-Z69XT

ASRock Z690

  • Z690 PG Velocita
  • Z690 Phantom Gaming 4
  • Z690 Phantom Gaming 4/ax
  • Z690M Phantom Gaming 4
  • Z690 PG Riptide
  • Z690 Phantom Gaming-ITX/TB4
  • Z690 Extreme
  • Z690 Extreme WiFi 6E
  • Z690 Steel Legend
  • Z690 Steel Legend WiFi 6E
  • Z690 Pro RS/D5
  • Z690 Pro RS
  • Z690-C/ac
  • Z690-C/ax
  • Z690-C/D5
  • Z690M-ITX/ax

ASRock H670

  • H670 PG Riptide
  • H670 Steel Legend
  • H670M Pro4
  • H670M-ITX/ax

ASRock B660

  • B660 Steel Legend
  • B660M Steel Legend
  • B660 Pro RS
  • B660M Pro RS
  • B660M Pro RS/ac
  • Z690 Pro4
  • B660M Pro4
  • B660M Pro4/ac
  • B660M-HDV
  • B660M-C
  • B660M-ITX/ac

ASRock H610

  • B660 Pro4
  • H610M-HDV/M.2
  • H610M-HDV
  • H610M-HVS
  • H610M-ITX/ac

Source: VideoCardz