AMD Zen 4 Desktop CPUs will Offer Integrated Graphics

According to leaked Gigabyte documents, the upcoming AMD Zen 4 Ryzen desktop CPUs will offer integrated graphics. While this does not mean that literally all CPUs will have iGPUs enabled, it does confirm that the mainstream Zen 4 silicon will be paired with graphics for the first time. Thus, the GPU will no longer be exclusive to the Ryzen G-Series APUs.

The document reportedly notes that “Some OPNs…may not support GFX”. This implies that AMD will also sell Ryzen CPUs with dedicated GPU disabled, be it fabrication failure or product positioning, but essentially those could be AMD’s counterparts to ‘Intel F-series’ CPUs which require discrete GPU, just as all Zen 1-3 non-G series Ryzen processors do.

via: VideoCardZ