AMD will Announce Some Features on Zen 4 Architecture at CES 2022

According to an interview with Antony Leather (Forbes/CrazyTechLab), along with updated Zen 3 3D V-Cache, AMD will also announce some features of upcoming Zen 4 architecture at CES 2022 on January 4th.

On January 4th, AMD is to unveil these new products below:

With regards to the upcoming generation – I point to CES in January. We’re excited to be revealing some additional details on our new product launches that will deliver phenomenal experiences and as we’ve said, later in the year as it progresses we’ll share more detail on Zen 4 with some mentioned at CES and more announcements on it over the course of 2022. It will be a very exciting year for AMD.

— AMD CTO Mark Papermaster

AMD Zen 4 Raphael will span across desktop and mobile devices, with up to 16 cores for mobile devices. The exact configurations of Raphael CPUs aren’t known yet, but it is seemingly confirmed that Raphael will support both DDR5 memory technology and PCIe Gen5 hardware.

via: VideoCardZ