AMD Ryzen 5000 ‘Cezanne’ APUs w/ Zen 3 CPU & Vega 20 GPU Cores, Van Gogh ‘Ryzen 5000 Low-Power’ APUs Feature Zen 2 CPU & Navi 21 GPU Cores

According to latest leaks from, the upcoming AMD Ryzen 5000 “Cezanne” APUs will feature Vega graphics, likely to be the final refresh of the Vega graphics we have already seen in Picasso APUs, later refreshed for Renoir silicon.

While the upcoming Ryzen 5000 “Van Gogh” low-power APUs is likely to feature Zen 2 CPU cores and Navi GPU cores.

The successor of “Cezanne” is “Rembrandt”, will be the code name of Ryzen 6000, featuring newer Zen3 cores also RDNA-based integrated graphics. Combining the best of both CPU and GPU worlds.