AMD Confirmed Price for Ryzen 7 PRO 4750G(E), 5 PRO 4650G(E), 3 PRO 4350(GE)

The recently released AMD Ryzen 4000G series APUs will not coming to DIY market according to AMD. But this seems not for Ryzen PRO 4000G series. And according to a picture from web, we can see AMD has confirmed the US price for Ryzen PRO 4000G series CPUs:

According to Andreas Schilling, AMD will (eventually) bring new APUs for the DIY market. AMD Ryzen 4000G series is currently only supported on 500 series motherboards (B550/X570).

From AMD:

“We can not disclose our entire roadmap. There are next gen APUs coming for both 400 and 500 series motherboards (…) do not take todays announcement (…) as something we are not doing for consumer motherboards.”