AMD AM5 Socket will be Compatible with AM4 Coolers

The upcoming AMD’s AM5 socket is also known as LGA1718, will be used by AMD next-generation Ryzen processors based on Zen 4 microarchitecture. This socket will be used by AMD 600-series motherboards which will also introduce DDR5 memory support.

According to @TtLexington, the AMD AM5 socket could retain compatibility with existing AM4 coolers. Furthermore, the leaked datasheet appears to also confirm the information on TDP for upcoming AM5 SKUs. As previously revealed, AMD Raphael SKUs are to launch with 120W and 170W TDP, the latter requiring a 280mm liquid cooler. The 120W TDP class is also new, increasing the TDP by 15W over existing high-end AM4 solutions.

via: VideoCardZ